Our Philosophy

Chinese Room offers a welcoming Chinese dining experience in the heart of Bur Dubai. Our philosophy with food is a holistic one that incorporates food as a celebration of community, health, joy and good company. We strive to serve our customers by providing the atmosphere and the food that encourages this celebration of life.
Food has never been regarded as a mere necessity in China . What and how the Chinese eat is highly symbolic of their general view of the world and their overall philosophy of life. Chinese food and eating habits have always been dominated by two major considerations: the pleasure principle, reflected in China 's sophisticated gourmet traditions, and equally important - the health principle, based on traditional Chinese medical theories. Nowhere else in the world has food been so exhaustively researched and categorized, and the culinary arts so highly developed as in China.

The Chinese are quite literally, a nation of gourmets and we at Chinese Room want to share this joy with you.

At Chinese Room, fine dining, fine company and good health is celebrated on a daily basis. Chinese Room is your place to relax, reflect and enjoy a meal in the heart of Bur Dubai.

It is our pleasure to help you to make room in your day for Chinese Room.